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Paul Diaz, founder of both Tree Sound Studios and our beloved Rock Star Farms talks to planet harmony about the environment, hip-hop and being a beet farmer.

Hip-Hop and environmental action. Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta combine both, so listen up.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast on Planet Harmony

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Jason Mraz - Farm Aid Supporter / Famous Musician / Avocado Farmer!

Jason Mraz - Farm Aid Supporter / Famous Musician / Avocado Farmer!

My friend over at Sensible City, Christina Lor, forwarded something super cool yesterday and I just had to share it with you.  Its an excellent article written by the enviro-journalist Matt Hickman over at MNN (Mother Nature News Network). 



Meet the new crop of American farmers — young and energetic idealists who are bringing local, sustainable food back to the table.

But while they might be dwindling in numbers, young farmers are growing in visibility. And they’re a motley, stereotype-shattering crew, for sure.

They’re urban, they hold advanced degrees and they’re often female. They sprout up in not-so-bucolic places like Brooklyn, Oakland, Atlanta and Indianapolis, and they sometimes work as educators, eco-entrepreneurs, yogis, journalists, filmmakers, activists and doting parents on the side. They’re passionate and adventurous. And most notably, they’re focused on sustainability and community building.

To see the entire article and the 39 other amazing farmers under 40 – just click here

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